About Desert Canna Consulting in Palm Desert, CA

Changing Lives Through Cannabis Knowledge

Desert Canna Consulting was created out of pure necessity by Sonaina Yaqoot and Robert Salas. In order to help family and friends suffering from chronic pain, illness, and diseases escape from the prescription drug regimens that they had become dependent on, we stepped in. The harmful side effects of pharmaceuticals are clearly indicated in the literature distributed by the prescription drug manufacturers themselves. There is another way: Cannabis. Since our company was founded, we have been changing lives by providing accurate information to patients and their caregivers regarding the relevant medical aspects of cannabis.

Sonaina Yaqoot: Passionate Medical Marijuana Advocate and Consultant

Sonaina Yaqoot’s involvement and passion in the field of medical marijuana advocacy and consulting stems from the extensive knowledge she gained while conducting research to find a non-pharmaceutical palliative medication to help her mom cope with the side effects of heavy chemotherapy. The usage of various cannabis-infused oils, ointments, teas, and edibles helped her mom cope with the nausea, headaches, body tremors, and severe cramps that she experienced. In fact, Oncologists treating her mother’s Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (A.L.L.) at UCLA readily permitted the use of cannabis-infused palliative aids. Sonaina is now passionate about providing similar products to thousands of patients who have been taking prescription pain medications for various conditions, including the hardships involved with battling various cancers and the side effects of chemotherapy.

Robert Salas: Master Grower and Knowledgable Marijuana Botanist

Robert Salas is a professional Botanist and Master Grower. He has over 20 years of experience in the medical marijuana industry. His knowledge and research into the plant’s medicinal benefits enables him to discuss, identify, and recommend the precise quantity necessary to benefit the needs identified by prescribing physicians. Ongoing research led Robert to develop off-the-shelf product lines of both CBD and THC-base products that can be utilized for everyday health problems, as well as symptoms of more significant health-related problems that opioids and pain killers are often used to suppress. Custom grow consultations are available, as well.

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