Desert Canna Consulting Testimonials and Reviews

If you are suffering from a physical or mental condition or would like to otherwise avoid the harmful side effects of pharmaceuticals, contact Desert Canna Consulting. We are changing lives through cannabis knowledge, one life at a time. The following are a few of the numerous letters of thanks, reviews, and testimonials that we have received. It is rewarding to hear from those we have assisted, and we look forward to working with you.

Back, Knee, and Leg Pain
Relief Without Surgery

“I was referred to Sonaina due to the severe lower back, leg, groin, and knee pain I sustained in an accident. It wasn’t getting better and I wanted to avoid surgery even though I was told it would relieve my pain.

Within two days of using the products that Sonaina made, I was relieved of 90% of my pain. For the first time in 22 months, I feel like I did before my accident.

I highly recommend Desert Canna Consulting to anyone who wants to get their life back without living in pain.”

-Cindy Nelson

Cannabis Ointment and Tea for Nerve, Herniated Disc, and Arthritis Pain

“I use the cannabis ointment and tea for spinal injury pain, and it really helps calm nerve pain, herniated disc pain, and arthritis. Because I don’t do well on any type of narcotic my doctor has prescribed, I used aspirin and Tylenol for many years. My use of OTC pain relievers had to come to a halt because they were harming my stomach, and my blood test showed liver damage.

After a few weeks of using the tea and ointment, I could completely go off of the Tylenol and aspirin. I am so grateful!”

-Gayle R.

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