Ways to Use Our Cannabis Products

Vaporizing: A Cleaner Product

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Vaporizing: Inhalant forms of cannabis are cleaner because they are run through water or extracts are simply vaporized prior to consumption. “Vaporizing” refers to the use of a water pipe, vape pen, volcano, and other types of vaporizers. Vaping heats cannabis and releases the active ingredient into the air without burning it or creating smoke. Vaporizers for cannabis have been specifically designed to reduce the potentially harmful exposure to toxins including carcinogens, ammonia, and tar, as well as eliminate respiratory complications that may be associated with exposure to smoke. The effectiveness of the product is not reduced and most users enjoy the fresher taste, as well. Vaporizing is one of the fastest-acting methods of consuming cannabis.

Cannabis Medicinal and Body Care Oils, Salves, and Ointments

Ointments, Salves, Massage Oils, and Body Oils: Cannabis-infused external treatments are available for use in patients experiencing chronic body pain. In addition, marijuana has anti-inflammatory agents that are absorbed through the skin. We produce wonderfully scented natural cannabis treatments including our popular cannabis-infused tangerine shea butter, pure cannabis oil, bath scrub, eye serum, and much more. These preparations are beneficial for:

  • Arthritis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Neuropathy
  • Gout
  • Eczema
  • Shingles
  • Aging Skin
  • and much more!

Delicious Cannabis Edibles: Cookies, Brownies, Candy, and More

Edibles: Some examples of edibles include cookies, brownies, candies, chocolate bars, butter, cooking oils, and other preparations. We also carry a nice selection of cannabis-infused coffee cold brews and k-cups for an energetic but soothing start to the day, a relaxed morning, or to get your busy day off to the right start. For those who prefer not to deal with pipes, vaporizers, and other equipment, edibles are the ideal solution. Discrete and delicious, there is an edible for every taste. Although oral consumption of marijuana can take 30-90 minutes to take effect, the benefits typically last for three to seven hours. The effects on the body tend to be more evenly distributed, as well. It is important to understand the lag in effective time when consuming edibles in order to avoid over-consumption. We are able to provide accurate advice regarding the optimal dose for your condition.

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